Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Genre Jinx

It seems anything written today with a vampire in it makes it to publication, but for those of us who prefer not to turn Abe Lincoln or Jane Austen into a bloodsucker, what are the best selling alternative genres out there? I get a lot of conflicting impressions from agents, as some prefer to go with genres that are popular right now, whereas others shy away from the current flavor of the month as they believe the market is already too saturated.

Regardless of what sells or not, what are your favorite genres to read and write? Literary, historical, sci-fi, fantasy, westerns, thrillers, mysteries, young-adult, children's, chick-lit, and romance are all pretty widespread genres from which to choose. More quirky genres have also taken center stage in the last few years, such as steampunk and teen-specific just to name a few.

Obviously, there's too much out there to describe, especially if we get into the realms of non-fiction, memoir, biography, poetry, etc. etc. So what are your favorite genres? What subject do you prefer to write about and what types of books are the ones you just can't put down?   


  1. Hmm, well, I write historical romantic suspenses, educational non-fiction, and picture books. I prefer to read historical romantic suspenses :D YA, urban fantasy, historicals, and I'm a biography junkie (mostly old European royalty and historical figures...Henry VIII, Lucrezia Borgia, Catherine the Great, etc)

    I tend to shy away from contemporary fiction (except for urban fantasies) mostly because I want to escape from real life when I read, not get drawn into someone else's version of it. That's not to say I never read it. I do. I like a good John Grisham or other mystery/thriller.

    You'll never see me read horror and very rarely a ghost imagination is way to overactive for those. I'd freak myself out of sleeping for a week LOL

  2. Wow, nice eclectic mix! Sounds like you read and write some really cool stuff. I'd love to browse some of your written work too:)

  3. Literature mostly. Once an English major, always one I guess!

  4. Mostly literary, fantasy, and sci-fi, though I'll read anything that's recommended to me if it's at the library.

  5. Glad you're keeping the literary flame burning for us Stacy. I shall endeavor to do the same:)

    Good picks as well, Hektor. I def think anything at the library is fair game as well:)